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Wharton question

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 What kind of women does Wharton write about? 

  • Women's thoughts on other women versus women's thoughts opposed to men's thoughts
  • Small view of discreet society that women share and understand
  • Show aggression, jealousy
  • Competition--women show pride
  • Women are intelligent--manipulate to get what they want
  • "Mean girl" mentality


Are their concerns different or the same as other characters that we have read about?

  • In a general sense, similar because their desires are fueled by men, based on men, so they belittle themselves and going behind each other's backs; women are shown to be unable to live without men
  • "The Coquet"--scandalous female behavior, hidden manipulation and competition
  • Writers that allude to Greek goddesses--set in Rome also amplifies this
  • No personality to male characters, no thoughts or expressions--prop mentioned
  • Dependancy on men


  • Women are shown to be intelligent versus mocking how men thought of women; women taking action
  • Not shy to hide their feelings; more able to express their feelings

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