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Virginia Woolf

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Notes can be found here:



The text can be found here:

"Shakespeare's Sister"

"Professions for Women"


Journal Assignment:

What are the main ideas of Virginia Woolf's "Shakespeare's Sister" and "Professions for Women"?


Watch the movie "Mrs. Dalloway."


Answer the following questions:

1.    What kind of woman is Clarissa? 

2.    How do Sally and Peter affect Clarissa?

3.    What do the hats represent throughout this story?

4.    Is Woolf sympathetic or accusing?

5.    What does the parallel story of Septimus Warrensmith have to do with Clarissa’s story?  Why do they intersect at the flower shop?

6.    What similarities do you see in Mrs. Dalloway to other stories that we have read?


Final Woolf Journal:

The metaphoric room of one's own--a place where you have power and authority--and equality:

How do you metaphorically decorate your room?  How do you choose to live in your own room?  What ideas/ideals do you live by?  What values will you live by?  Who (what kinds of pepole?) will you invite into your room?

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