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Please read the entire play "Trifles" by Susan Glaspell.


Then, complete the following assignment (we will present this on Monday):

  1. Choose one of the reoccuring images/symbols in the play to draw: chair, bird, cage, quilt, ron, preserves-fruit
  2. Write down the lines from the play that refer to the symbol you drew. 
  3. Cite the page number.Explain what this image represents in the play as a whole?



For more information about Susan Glaspell, look at this great website: http://academic.shu.edu/glaspell/aboutglaspell.html



Quilt Assignment

1.  Trace the power in the story.  Who has the power?  Where do they have the power?  Find textual evidence for this.

2.  What does the quilt represent?


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