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January 28 Notes: "Women and Economics"

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Social Darwinism:

Natural Selection, also evolution, occurred through sexual selection of the struggles of males for females



Charlotte Perkins Gilman "Women and Economics" (1898)

  • Refuted Darwin and its implications
  • used the Social Darwinist hypothesis to prove that women's subjugation is an unnatural aberration that is impeding the progress of the race
  • Women's primary energy is wrongly channeld into making themselves pleasing to men because of their economic dependency
  • Break up relic of patriarchal age--the family as an economic unit
  • Materanl energy as a socially cohesive force--sisterhood, altruism, cooperation
  • Male and female differences--from prehistoric roles assigned the the two sexes--feminine impulse to gather, construct; males to scatter and destroy
  • Human race evolving to new phase--feminine virtues of altruismare most important
  • "Masculine Literature" first modern example of feminist literary critique



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