"The Yellow Wallpaper" assignment

The Yellow Wallpaper—Group Assignment


1.    Go to the text.  Copy the various descriptions the narrator gives of the wallpaper.  Use the descriptions to draw a wall of the room.

2.    Make a list of ten adjectives you think are significant in her description of the wallpaper.  What connotations do they have?  What do we learn about the narrator from her choice of words?



Individual Journal Response:

1.    Trace the changes in the narrator and the mood.  What words or phrases signal these changes?  Are all the changes related to the wallpaper?  If not, what else changes?

2.    Repeat the process used in the group assignment for the house or her room.  Is Gilman using either of these symbolically?  Explain your answer.

3.    Look at the minor characters (including John).  What do they add to the story?